Posted by Ross Hoshizaki on Feb 12 2020 at 02:12PM PST

Hello Everyone

As a region, we have been very fortunate since I have been regional director. At the provincials we have had many years where our families were not responsible for much at the provincial meet. Most of the time, a few select people did the jobs that were requested by the province and the rest of the region only had to time of officiate as need be. This year will be different. We are responsible for security in the upcoming year, and I will be asking someone from our region to spearhead and arrange the security for the provincials. I am in discussions with the meet manager for the exact number and locations for each day. Once, I find out the numbers, I will circulate them and during the regionals it will be required that everyone needs to sign up to help at the event, either timing or security. I find that some jobs may be difficult at times but, it is an opportunity to meet other people from the region and it can be fun. I will post more info as it comes to me.



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